Before I start with this post, try this electrifying "coffee fat-burning trick” that can boost your health, metabolism and energy at the same time by just drinking your favorite drink.. coffee!

If you’re like most women trying to lose weight… you diet, you count calories, you tear up the treadmill, and…nothing.

That’s how I was was feeling…

I did “everything right” and never lost an inch. My Energy was gone..

Until I stumbled on this delicious electrifying "coffee fat-burning trick” and electrifying my metabolism and torched off fat from my problem areas in just 13 days by drinking Coffee.

And because of this one simple shift in my eating, I shed pounds and inches from my body without starving myself and without a lick of exercise!

With the same “reduce hunger” trick I dropped a good amount of weight in the FIRST month and I shocked my doctor by completely reversing ALL pre-diabetes symptoms!

If you’re a woman over the age of 25 who wants to reclaim your life inside the body you DESERVES, you should check it out for yourself.

I recently started utilizing more natural skincare products and have had nothing but positive results. It makes sense that natural substances would react better on our skin than synthetic ingredients created in a lab, but it took me a while to get started. I was hooked after that! Ways To Use Coconut Oil

One of my all-time favorite natural skincare products is coconut oil. Not only do I adore coconuts, but I’m also completely enamored with the effects I’ve witnessed. My skin has improved in texture, clarity, and brightness. In addition, my makeup is easy to apply and remains on for the entire day.

Coconut Oil Formula Body Balm is my go-to product for most body needs. I use a jar of organic coconut oil from the grocery store for cooking and hair (make sure it’s solid). Coconut lotion is ideal for skin that is dry, dull, or thirsty. Consider giving it a try if you fall into any of those categories (I almost always do, especially in the winter). Palmer’s is dermatological tested and hypoallergenic, it is sourced ethically and ecologically in Southeast Asia.



15 Ways To Use Coconut Oil That You Might Not Think Of

Ways To Use Coconut Oil
Ways To Use Coconut Oil

15. Bags for the Under-Eye

I was born with black genetic eye bags that enlarge (and darken) when I don’t get enough sleep, consume dairy, drink even a small amount of alcohol, don’t drink enough water, and so on. Basically, despite my best efforts, they show up exactly when I don’t want them to. Coconut oil is one of the greatest quick cures for dark circles and under-eye bags that I’ve found. Palmer’s Body Oil or Body Balm are my go-to products, and they’re both fantastic. Because the Body Balm does not melt or become messy in the heat, it’s an excellent choice for leaving on all day to get rid of those bags.

Body Scrub No. 14

I exfoliate once or twice a week (more if I’ve had a spray tan) and like to make my own! Before applying my body lotion, I mix it with large sea salt crystals (I really prefer Himalayan salt). Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Lotion makes skin glow and radiant (particularly when used in conjunction with exfoliation!) It also improves hydration without leaving a greasy aftertaste.

I was shocked! I discovered a way to enjoy my morning coffee and fight the extra weight that was keeping me from seeing myself the way i wish!

What I love about it is that it is natural, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten free... Perfect for everyday use!

I felt a boost in my metabolism and amazingly, I didn't feel that much hungry as before!

13. Skin that is smooth

For each look, flawless skin is a must. Smooth skin can actually help to improve any cosmetic look, haircut, or attire. I’m sure it adds years to my life in a positive way! Palmer’s coconut lotions are one of my favorites because they’re manufactured with certified organic extra virgin, fair trade coconut oil, and I prefer to use only natural ingredients on my skin. The ingredients are also sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner.



12. Get Rid of Stains

Take a little dab of coconut oil from the jar and apply it to your newest white pants or bedding if you get an unsightly spaghetti sauce stain. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before gently wiping it away with a paper towel.

If the coconut oil doesn’t remove the discoloration right away, repeat the process. It works far better than most stain removers, in my opinion!

Eczema and psoriasis are two of the most common skin conditions.
Although I don’t have eczema or psoriasis, one of my friends (who does) swears by coconut oil. I conducted some research online and found a lot of reviews for both skin issues that were very comparable. Regular coconut oil or the body oil or balm may work better depending on your skin type.

10. Acne on the body


The worst type of acne is body acne. I’ve noticed that my skin generates less natural oil since I started using this body oil (I’m not sure how that works scientifically, but if I can see benefits, I’ll do it!) As a result, I have almost no body acne.

Palmer’s Body Oil hydrates your skin like a goddess and gives you a goddess-like radiance. It’s made out of skin-beneficial oils and is ideal for use after a bath.


Fair trade extra virgin coconut oil, Tahitian monoi, saltflower oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, Palmer’s cocoa butter, rosehip oil, Argan oil, and soybean oil are the key constituents in this body oil.

9. Protection from UV rays

Coconut oil, unbelievably, can work as a mini-sunscreen! While I don’t recommend going outside without a good SPF, coconut oil can be effective if you’re only going outside for a short time.

Cracked Heels (number 8)

Cracked heels are not only painful, but also unattractive. Coconut body balm rehydrates heels instantly and keeps them hydrated for up to two days!

Even in the winter, I apply coconut balm to my heels a few times a week and find that I virtually never have terribly cracked heels.

7. Insect Repellent That Isn’t Toxic

Coconut oil is a harmless insect repellent, which is surprising. Apply a small bit to your entire body before stepping outside, and pests will be a thing of the past!

6. Deodorant made from natural ingredients

These days, I’m a big supporter of natural deodorant (some of the components in traditional deodorant are terrible for you!) However, I require it to function properly. Coconut oil is effective.

5. Cuticles that are ragged

Because I paint my nails at home, I try to keep my cuticles as healthy as possible.

Palmer’s Body Balm is a multi-purpose hydration and skin restoration balm made from raw coconut oil. It works wonders for my cuticles, in my opinion.


Because it provides 48-hour moisture, I use it once or twice a week to maintain my cuticles moisturized. It’s also what I use for my at-home manicures.

4. Dust Absorbent In the case of furniture

Dust is impossible to avoid, but a thin film of coconut oil applied to wood furniture is a savior. Once a month, I go around the home with a soft paper towel or wash cloth (a baby wash cloth is great if you’re worried about hurting a piece of furniture) to remove the old oil and apply a new layer.

If you can keep up with this, you won’t have to dust every week!

3. Lips that are chapped

Chapped lips are a common occurrence in New England, but coconut oil works far better than most lip balms. Every morning, I use it to keep my lips supple.


2. Straighten and De-Frizz Hair

Coconut oil has not only kept my hair from frizzing in the summer, but it has also helped it grow. Coconut oil is a terrific heat protectant that can help you avoid split ends and keep the bottom of your hair longer, but if applied straight to your roots, it will also stimulate hair growth (I do a coconut oil mask once a week).

1. Take off your makeup

Traditional makeup remover wipes can be extremely irritating to your skin, especially if used on a regular basis. After removal, coconut body oil or lotion is a terrific way to hydrate!


Ways To Use Coconut Oil
Ways To Use Coconut Oil


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Try this odd “carb trick” that burns up to 1 pound per day

If you’re like most women trying to lose weight… you diet, you count calories, you tear up the treadmill, and…nothing.

That’s how 40-year-old Carly Donovan, an overweight mother with prediabetes was feeling…

She did “everything right” and never lost an inch.

Until she stumbled on this strange “carb-pairing” trick and burned away an unheard of 22lbs pounds in just 13 days.

And because of this one simple shift in her eating, she shed pounds and inches from her body without starving herself and without a lick of exercise!

With the same “carb-pairing” trick Carly dropped a total of 37lbs in the FIRST month and she shocked her doctor by completely reversing ALL pre-diabetes symptoms!

If you’re a woman over the age of 25 who wants to reclaim her life inside the body she DESERVES, you should check it out for yourself.


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