To maintain a youthful appearance and to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, it is necessary to apply vitamins. Of course, the vitamins we take in with food nourish the face and body, but to have a more intense effect, it is important to apply them on the face regularly.

Let’s give you a shortlist of vitamins that are good for your skin!

Vitamin A

It has been proclaimed the best substance in the fight against skin aging. Retinol is responsible for delaying skin aging because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, to correct deep wrinkles, stimulate cell renewal. Besides, it has the effect of removing acne, as retinol regulates sebum production, reduces enlarged pores and prevents the appearance of mitters. People who have vitamin A deficiency usually have flaky and dry skin.

Vitamin C

Helps fight free radicals, which cause wrinkles, skin relaxation and other signs of aging. Particularly proven is its role in repairing damaged skin under the influence of harmful sun rays.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E prevents skin aging and photo-aging (excessive skin exposure to the sun). Regular application reduces small and prevents the formation of mimic wrinkles. It is especially suitable for sensitive and reddened skin as it combines a soothing effect on itching and an emollient and naturally hydrating effect.

Vitamin K

Deserves beautiful and young skin in the area around our eyes. Vitamin K has been proven to help lighten the dark rings under the eyes, thus strengthening the wall of sensitive capillaries around the eyes and preventing them from cracking and the formation of unwanted rings. It is found in creams usually in combination with retinol (vitamin A).

Beta Carotene

This vitamin accumulates in the skin and protects it against inflammations that happen due to sunburn. The combination of beta-carotene and vitamin E makes the skin less sensitive to the sun.


As a basis for skin cells, biotin is the most important vitamin B that a person needs. The most common sign that the body lacks biotin is skin that peels off and is very itchy. Biotin deficiency can also cause hair loss.

In the beauty studio, after all the treatments, a certain vitamin is inserted, depending on the needs of your skin. When doing needle-free mesotherapy, a cocktail of different vitamins is inserted to keep the skin fully nourished.

Let’s give you suggestions on how to combine vitamins

First Combination:

You combine by applying C vitamin in the morning and A in the evening. After the first treatment, the skin will be smooth and nourished, and you can expect the first results after 7 days.

Second Combination:

C10 in the morning – E5 in the evening: recommended for normal skin, to fight against aging, especially if you have undergone a more aggressive aesthetic treatment (laser, etc.)

Third Combination:

E5 in the morning – A15 in the evening: recommended for dry and thin skin, helps with anti-aging in and skin dehydration.

We need to be aware that there are fewer and fewer vitamins in our food. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce additional vitamins and nourish the skin, to avoid various unwanted changes.

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