There’s a common assumption in society that a long-distance relationship will never work out. Between the effort required, lack of physical contact, and minimal time spent together, many believe that a long distance relationship just isn’t worth it. Before turning your back on the concept, try to see the bright side of it.

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There are several benefits to long distance relationships.

How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

  1. It allows the both of you to develop as an individual: being independent, and valuing “me time”.
  2. You’ll have more appreciation for your partner since they’re not always around.
  3. You’ll gain excellent communication skills.
  4. It makes your relationship stronger.

There may be several benefits, but it does require work and patience to keep the spark alive. Here are 5 tips to make your long distance relationship strong.


It’s very important for the both of you to take turns in your relationship. In other words, it can’t always be the same person going to visit the other. It can’t always the be the same person initiating a conversation or making plans. The two of you have to mutually make an effort to make the relationship work. A relationship goes both ways, and it can’t just be at the convenience of one individual.


No surprise here, you need to put in work to keep it exciting. For example, instead of one person going to visit the other, you two can meet halfway. Incorporate an element of adventure to keep the spark alive. Travel. Try something new. Catch the other person off-guard with something you wouldn’t normally do, but that you know they like. Don’t be afraid to get creative with Skype! 😉


The rare instances you do see each other, give yourself something to look forward to by setting the next date of when you’ll be together again. Whether that means it’s a whole month, or just a couple of weeks, it allows the both of you to block off that time in your calendar, and commit to your next planned date. This gives you something to look forward to, and keeps it going with a steady routine.


Who sends snail mail anymore? Super out-dated, we know. But it’s little things like this that can make your long distance relationship extra fun. Send your partner a care package with some of their favourite things (maybe chocolate, a magazine, pictures of you 😉 , etc.) While SnapChat, emails, and texts are fun – having something tangible makes it a little more real. Don’t forget to spray the box with your perfume so it smells like you too!


Last but not least, respect is key. One of the most important requirements of maintaining a strong long distance relationship, is having a mutual understanding and acceptance of the situation.

  • Understand it: Both parties need to understand the situation at play. You’re long distance for a reason. Maybe it’s for school, maybe it’s due to job location. Whatever the reason may be, you very well must understand the context before getting into the relationship.
  • Accept it: This is going to take work and effort, and your significant other is not always going to be available. There will be days when your schedules don’t align and you won’t be able to chat. It may be days, weeks, or months, before you get to see each other next. You know what you’re signing up for, accept it and don’t expect otherwise.
  • Respect it: Like every other relationship, respect is the foundation for happiness and success. Trust your partner. Be secure with yourself in your relationship. Be mindful of your partner’s time. You two will not always be available at the same time. You may even be in different time zones! Regardless of the extent of the long distance, you need to respect the other person. Things may not always be at your convenience, but that’s part of what keeps it exciting!

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 


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