A woman who has a nice, healthy and lush hair will be attractive at first glance. That’s why hair quality is linked to femininity. Yet it is difficult to achieve when the hair is treated with various chemicals when iron hair or when placed perm. The hair then breaks down and does not grow as fast as before. Fortunately, there is a miracle shampoo for faster hair growth.

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Keep reading and we’ll find you the best recipe for shampoo and restore hair mask.

A Shampoo That Helps Faster Hair Growth

Most women who have tried it are overwhelmed by this hair growth shampoo and claim that he has completely recovered their hair. While using this shampoo some women’s hair began to grow even twice faster than usual.

It is necessary:

  • 1 liter of nettle shampoo,
  • 30ml nettle oil drops,
  • 1 pack of Vitamin AD drops,
  • 100ml Panthenol dilution,
  • 50ml castor oil.


All these ingredients can be found in the somewhat better-equipped pharmacy. There are also variations where instead of Vitamin AD drops puts ampoule B vitamins for hair.

Pour 250 milliliters of shampoo into another bottle so that you have a place for refills other ingredients. Put it all in a bottle of shampoo and shake, shampoo is immediately ready for use. As he is standing you will notice that the ingredients in it apart, this is not a problem, just shake before use, to again obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Hair Growth Shampoo – How To Make It At Home
Hair Growth Shampoo – How To Make It At Home

Please note beforehand that this shampoo is more diluted and greasy than those that you regularly use. But do not worry, quite nicely distributed over the scalp, rinsed well and does not affect the secretion of sebum. And that means that your hair will not make oily.

You can use it regularly, if necessary every day. This hair shampoo for a month is quite natural, it does not in any way disturb the natural flora on the skin of the head, and it is considerably less possible for negative consequences.

It’s a great thing that the shampoo lasts for a long time. It all depends on how often you wash your hair and how much time you apply. Thus, it took some users for up to five months. This much can last if you use it two or three times a day with one rubbing.

Tip Plus: When you use at least half the shampoo, you can get the rest that you have in the other bottle.

What Are The Effects Of This Shampoo?

This shampoo for fast hair growth is extremely effective, and its secret is in the mix of its ingredients. As a base, a nettle shampoo is good to be used but is not necessary. The only ingredients should not be in the shampoo are parabens and sulfates, which can be too aggressive. The goal is to restore hair, not to destroy it with various chemicals.

Therefore, instead of nettle, use mild shampoos, these are chamomile, mint, garlic shampoos.

Most women who have tried it are overwhelmed by this hair growth shampoo and claim that he has completely recovered their hair.

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