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Scars appear when an injury penetrates deep enough into the dermis, the layer of skin beneath the epidermis that includes collagen, elastin, and blood vessels. Scars can form as a result of severe traumas like car accidents, but they can also form as a result of little traumas like acne, falls, and skin picking. Mary Stevenson, MD, and I will go over the many types of scars and how to treat them in the article below. How To Improve The Appearance Of Scars

How To Improve The Appearance Of Scars, Straight From Derms


Scars of Various Types

Scars aren’t all made equal. There are five different ways to describe a scar. On a scar, more than one of these descriptions can be found.

Scars that have totally healed and appear as expected are considered normal scars.

They’re neither raised or shallow, and they’re the same color as the skin around them.
Scars that appear stretched and wider than they should be are known as atrophic scars.
Hypertrophic scars are scars that appear to be thicker than they should be.
Hyperpigmented scars are scars that are darker than the surrounding skin.
Erythematous scars have redder skin than the surrounding area.
Three things influence the appearance of a scar.
What happened to cause the scar? In general, a stitched-together surgical excision heals faster than a wound that is left to heal on its own.

Some regions of the body, such as the hands and face, heal naturally, but this is not the case in most cases.
What kind of treatment is given to the scar? In general, infected wounds take longer to heal than wounds that are properly cared for.

Additionally, frequently straining the underlying muscle (for example, working out the muscle beneath the scar) during the early stages of recovery may result in stretched or thicker scars.
Your forefathers and mothers. In different ways, we all have a tendency towards scars. Some people “heal well” with little visible scars when the requirements for #1 and #2 are met. Keloids or larger scars are typical in certain people, whereas others have thin, stretched scars.

Mary Stevenson, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in Mohs surgery, which is a type of skin cancer treatment, as well as laser and aesthetic procedures. She researches high-risk squamous cell carcinoma, focusing on how the cancer behaves and how better treatments might be produced. She was awarded the Stewart J. Rahr Young Investigator Award and the New York Academy of Medicine Academic Research Award in Dermatology in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology.
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With sun protection, you can keep the scar from getting worse.

“SPF exclaims Stevenson. Hyperpigmentation is common in healing tissue, and a scar will change for at least a year. When healing scars are exposed to the sun, they should be covered with sunscreen or clothing to avoid discoloration.

Bandage to Keep the Wound Covered

Most people believe that leaving a healing wound exposed to the air is a good idea. This is incorrect. Patients should keep ointment on healing wounds for the first few weeks, according to Stevenson and myself. This will speed up the healing process. During the shower, leave the wound open to allow soap and water to wash over it.

To Promote Normal Healing Ointment, Use a Silicone Gel
Silicone is one of the most efficient scar-healing topical therapies. Silicone aids in the creation of healthy scars. Avene scar gel is an over-the-counter scar gel that is conveniently accessible. Once the top layer of skin has healed, apply two times a day.

Massage with Care mild massage

Scars are prevented from pushing on surrounding tissue by gentle massage. 2–3 times a day, massage the wound with light pressure for around two minutes.

Minimize Relevant Movement of 13 During the healing process, a woman does yoga.

Scars heal best when the area isn’t stretched too much, which might happen during activity. In general, I advise waiting three weeks after surgery before activating the underlying muscle. Not all forms of exercise, however, must be avoided. After a shoulder excision, for example, walking and lower-body work are fine. Running, on the other hand, is not an option.

Topical Retinoids for Thin Scars and Stretch Marks

Due to a lack of collagen and elastin beneath the scar, it seems atrophic. Collagen formation can be stimulated using retinoids. Prescription retinoids are one of the finest therapies for thinner scars, but the results are modest and require time.

Intralesional Kenalog for Thickened Scars

A simple in-office injectable technique can flatten thickened scars. Although it may take a few sessions to observe a difference in thickness, any itching and/or pain should become better with each treatment.

Microneedling device microneedling device Laser and Microneedling for Thin Scars

Procedures that penetrate to the level of the dermis are the greatest therapeutic options once a scar has fully formed. Stevenson points out that thulium 1927, picosecond lasers, CO2 lasers, and microneedling with and without radiofrequency are also options for improving scar appearance. She points out that a combination approach is frequently the most effective.

Pulsed Dye Laser for Red Scars

Blood vessels are targeted by pulsed dye lasers. They are commonly used to treat rosacea-related redness, but they can also be used to reduce scar redness. They can also aid in the reduction of scars’ appearance.

Laser Treatments for Pigmented Scars

It takes time to correct pigmentation within a scar, although laser treatments like laser genesis, clear and bright, and picosecond lasers can help.


Consider Replacing the Scar

Skin from stretched scars can be removed and replaced with a more regulated and improved scar, according to Stevenson.

Consider Filler for Acne Scars

scarring from acne
Filler can be an effective treatment for acne scars in combination to retinoids and procedural therapies.


A scar might take up to a year to heal and mend. Continued effects will be achieved with proper care, including massage and sun protection. However, commencing the treatments mentioned above sooner rather than later, if necessary, can be beneficial. It is recommended that you consult with a board-certified dermatologist to determine the best course of action for you.

Surgical procedures, as well as inflammatory disorders like acne and plucking, can leave scars. Appropriate wound care and sun protection are the best ways to care for an early scar. Surgical treatments can be used to replace formed scars, and other techniques can be used to restyle them.



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