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4 Must Know Daily Face Care Routine For Oily Skin

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Taking care of oily skin is difficult. Everyone wants to have a glowing complexion all day. An oily appearance can detract from your youthful appearance while also causing skin problems that seem to never stop. It can block your pores, resulting in acne, pimples, and blackheads. However, oily skin isn’t always a terrible thing. Among all the disadvantages, there are a few hidden blessings. If you have oily skin, it signifies that you have a lot of natural oils in your skin, which most individuals don’t have! To keep the greasiness at bay, all you need to do is stick to a simple oily skincare routine.Daily Face Care Routine

Answers to the following questions can be found in this post:

What causes oily skin in the first place?
What are some helpful beauty advice for a person with oily skin?
Are there any natural face masks for oily skin that are simple to make?
Is oily skin a good thing or a negative thing?
What exactly does a toner do for your skin?


Must-Know Daily Face Care Routine For Oily Skin



What Causes Oily Skin in the First Place?

Simply put, oily skin is caused by your skin producing more oil than other skin types. To go into more detail, the skin’s sebaceous glands secrete a material called’sebum,’ which is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Excess sebum is produced by oily skin types, clogging the skin’s pores and perhaps leading to acne. Following an oily skin care routine on a regular basis will help keep the oil at bay and leave your skin looking and feeling great.


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Tip #1: First and foremost, wash your face twice a day.

Yes, only once or twice a day. Washing your face more than twice will dry out your skin and cause your sebaceous glands to create more sebum, making your face oilier. Use foamy or gel-based cleansers twice a day as part of your oily skin care routine to remove accumulated grime and excess oil. Rinsing with lukewarm water for the rest of the day is sufficient.

DIY greasy skin cleanser

It’s critical to select your skin care product with attention. Choose soaps and face washes that are oil-free. Natural cleansers are preferable to commercial products that can strip your skin of its natural oils. Oily skin responds well to honey and lemon cleansers, as well as rose water, neem, cucumber, and turmeric cleansers. To regulate excess oil and make your skin seem healthy, use a homemade blend of gram flour and turmeric.

Tip #2: Make use of a toner.

When it comes to toners, the golden rule is to apply one after cleansing and before moisturizing. Dehydrated skin, regardless of skin type, can appear unhealthy and lifeless. Toner should be used to replenish it. Alcohol-free toners are the best for hydrating greasy skin and slowing the aging process.


DIY toners for oily skin made from natural ingredients

2 parts apple cider vinegar to 1 part water can be used to make a natural toner for oily skin.

Scrub once a week, tip #3.

Exfoliating once a week with a gentle oily skin scrub is one of the greatest ways to keep your skin less oily. Exfoliating your skin as part of your oily skin care routine controls excess oil, eliminates dead skin, and clears the pores, particularly in regions prone to whiteheads and blackheads, such as the nose and chin. Scrub your face with a delicate and gentle motion.

Scrub for oily skin made from natural ingredients

If you want to stick to natural ingredients, Scrubs with a lemon sugar base are a good choice. Oily skin responds well to cucumber and walnut scrubs. Scrubbing with natural chemicals is also possible at home!

If you have acne, don’t scrub! For acne-prone skin types, our piece on HOW TO MANAGE ACNE PRONE SKIN is a must-read.

Tip #4: On weekends, use a face pack.

For oily skin, applying face masks once a week can be highly useful. For oily skin, there are a number of herbal face packs containing organic components available on the market. Natural face packs for oily skin can be made at home with a few readily available components in your kitchen.

moisturisers and a face pack

Tip #5: Remember to Moisturize!

Yes, you must moisturize oily skin as well! Doesn’t it seem contradictory? The truth is that your skin will dry out if you use all of the oil-reducing products and substances in your oily skin care routine. Furthermore, dry skin causes the glands to create more oil. Oily skin, too, need moisturizing to keep things in check. Moisturizers with a gel or water base are ideal for oily skin. For oily skin, aloe gel is a fantastic natural moisturizer.


Face Masks Made with Natural Ingredients for Oily Skin
These face masks are simple to create, and you probably already have the ingredients on hand. So there’s no reason not to include one or more of these face masks in your daily skin care routine for oily skin.

Face Pack with Bananas

The use of ripe bananas to cure oily skin is quite beneficial. Banana contains excellent anti-aging effects that aid in the removal of dark spots and the brightening of dull, greasy skin. To produce a paste, mash a ripe banana and add 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Allow it to dry after applying it to your face. Then, to experience the softness and freshness, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Face Pack with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an excellent moisturizer for oily skin since it fights acne and prevents pore clogging. Aloe vera is good for all skin types because it has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help with a variety of skin issues. Aloe vera and honey can be used to form a face mask. Oily skin can benefit from aloe vera face masks.

Face Pack with Gram Flour (Besan) and Curd

It’s an age-old remedy for treating excessively lustrous skin. Gram flour, often known as besan, is an anti-pimple and anti-aging tan removal product that also lowers skin oiliness. When applied as a face mask, besan mixed with curd paste can make your skin glow with more radiance and freshness.

Face Pack with Cucumber

Cucumber is a fantastic natural treatment for oily skin. It lightens dark spots and gives your skin a healthy glow. Cucumber moisturizes skin without causing it to become greasy. The natural astringent characteristics of this plant tighten pores and eliminate excess oil, dead skin, and grime. Cucumber juice should be extracted and applied on your face using cotton balls. Allow it to dry before washing it off with warm water.

Face Mask Multani Mitti

Fuller’s earth, also known as multani mitti, is an excellent face pack for oily skin. To produce a paste, combine a little Multani mitti/earth fuller’s with rose water. Add some lemon juice to the mixture and use it as a face mask. Multani mitti is a vitamin and mineral-rich beauty product that has been around for a long time. It has exceptional exfoliating capabilities that remove all dead skin, regulate oil production, and give your face a healthy glow.

Face Mask with Strawberry

Acne-prone skin responds nicely to strawberry-based masks. A face mask made of strawberries and sour yogurt can be used. Strawberry includes salicylic acid, which helps to reduce excess oil in the skin, and curd helps to smooth the face. A face pack made with strawberries, lemon, and honey is also a nice option.


The Oily Skin Care Dos and Don’ts

There are a lot of queries regarding how to care for oily skin and what routine to follow. We’ve addressed a few of them below:

Is oily skin a good thing or a negative thing?
Natural oils are incredibly beneficial to our skin and can help us maintain a healthy glow. They become a concern when they are created in large quantities. When oily skin is correctly treated, it may be rather attractive.

What is the best way to get rid of an oily face?

Use products designed for oily skin to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face on a daily basis. Once a week, exfoliate your face and follow with an excellent skin blotting face pack. Maintain a balanced diet and get plenty of rest. These are some options for dealing with oily skin.

What foods cause your skin to get oily?

Dairy (milk, cheese, etc. ), refined flours (maida), butter, ghee, coffee, and too much sugar are all foods that lead to excessively oily skin and acne breakouts. If you have oily skin, try to consume these foods in moderation.



Final Thoughts on Oily Skin Care

You must work hard to protect your skin, no matter how troublesome or irritating it is, especially if it is greasy! If you’d like to take a break now and again, you can always schedule an Urban Company Salon at Home service to get customized oily skin care treatments at home.




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