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26 Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

26 Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

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While having a romantic and sexy goodnight conversation is always fun, it’s important to have a variety in life.  Enter the funny goodnight-message!

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Whether you’re dating or have been together a long time, a funny goodnight text (or voice mail message) is a great way to get your crush thinking about you.

26 Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

26 Funny Ways to Say Goodnight
26 Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

But what makes a person laugh?  What kind of humor makes your crush laugh that you’ve noticed?  Is he a deadpan type of guy?  Does he like slapstick?  Does he like outrageous memes on social media?  Whatever it is, if you’ve talked to him a while now you probably know what makes him laugh.

Of course, just because you can predict a laugh doesn’t necessarily mean that you can come up with all sorts of A-material – you know, as if you’re Tina Fey and can write funny stuff constantly.  But that’s not the type of humor you need in this case.

All you really need are the ideas to make him laugh.  Ideas are funny and fortunately, they’re easy to recycle.  You don’t have to come up with great stuff on your own.  Borrow funny texts and phone messages from other avenues.

I’ve provided some funny goodnight texts that I’ve come up with or heard used before  You can adapt these funny ideas for your own use and put your own personal spin on it.

Here we go…

  1. Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. You’re starting to itch now, aren’t you?  Muahahaha!
  2. G’night. My significant other is telling me to come to bed already.  The one I call “My Mattress!”  Pros: He is so soft.  Cons: He doesn’t communicate much.
  3. You are too cute to be chatting with me all night. Get some sleep.  Dream wonderful and interesting dreams and tell me all about them tomorrow.
  4. Don’t waste time regretting the past because you can’t change it. Don’t worry about the future, because no one really knows.  Instead, focus on sending me funny memes.
  5. Goodnooooowch! I fell off the bed trying to put the phone away.  ..see what I do for you?
  6. Goodnight, Santa Claus!
  7. Goodnight darling. Remember, mosquitoes are dying to kiss you goodnight too.  Close the damned window.
  8. ..for now. You know, because you’re probably going to close your laptop Facebook, then unlock your phone then check your Facebook again.
  9. Last night I dreamed that my pillow was you…but then the pillow started snoring and taking up all the bed so I kicked the pillow the hell out of here.
  10. Goodnight, dream lover. Did I mention the nerdy plaid pajamas I imagine you in tonight are quite becoming?
  11. You can disagree with me if you want. At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinions…and I will fight for your right to be wrong. Goodnight ya stinker!
  12. I might be high maintenance but most hot red sportscar convertibles are. That’s why I like it. You appreciate how rare and amazing I am.  Oh yes, and you can make me go 0-90 mph in just five seconds.  Goodnight, champ.
  13. Love is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can actually feel it. Thank you for being the pee in my pants.  Goodnight, angel.
  14. Goodnight my friends and remember, nothing lasts forever not even cold November Rain.
  15. Just so you know your ass is grass and I’m the lawnmower. Goodnight, sexy.
  16. Before I wish you goodnight, I have a joke for you. OK so the meanest old teacher in class tells her student to answer the English question. ‘If I say I’m beautiful which tense is that?”  The students looks at her and shuddders and says, “Well it’s obviously past tense, Miss.”
  17. know if you are mean to me in your dream, that counts and I get to be mad at you all day long!
  18. Sometimes I daydream about you…but then I get distracted thinking of how hot you are. ..and seriously, get a weird hair cut or something so I can stop daydreaming of you!
  19. Did you know the human body can go 10 days without water, three days without sleep, and yet I can’t go one day not thinking of your rump? Amazing, right? G’night.
  20. Hey it’s me but I’m from the future. This is me tomorrow morning time-traveling to tell you goodnight. Goodnight!  Remember don’t read this until tomorrow or else the timeline will be all messed up!
  21. Goodnight, my love. Sleep with angels. Er, I mean, not literally, don’t be seducing those angels, bright eyes!
  22. Goodnight but hey before I go to bed, please forward this annoying message to everyone on your friend’s list for no apparent reason.
  23. I just want you to know, when I’m around you and you start talking all smart and charming…I go full zombie because I just love you for your brains. Goodnight, brainiac.
  24. I hold no responsibility for what the dream world version of me does to you in dreams. Rest assured, some of that stuff, especially the kinky stuff, is not humanly possible. Goodnight!
  25. Good night, my friend. This is just your weekly reminder that you are a funny and handsome fellow that holds my attention and if you keep taking up residence in my mind, I’m going to have to start charging you rent.
  26. I have to go to bed now. I don’t want to get super sleepy and say something I’ll regret…like I wonder how you kiss? Ohhh damn I just said it…OK I’m going to bed now before I make it even worse.

As you can see, the key to creating funny messages is to just share humor, share laughs, and remind your crush or partner to laugh and not take things so seriously all the time.  There are no copyrights on ideas.  A good laugh deserves a share.  And if you are naturally funny then share your own funny observations and get him giggling.  He will come to expect a good laugh from you…and soon enough, view you as a positive, happy and amazing person in his life!

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